It is natural that you are wondering why I am the webmaster of this site and why not a Gebara that is doing this.
For those who don't know me personally, I like to tell you that I am not an outsider and my claim on this family is very legitimate, my mother was Wedad Gebara the daughter of Lafi Mekhael Gebara and Mjallia Yaqoub Gebara, she was a genuine Gebara.

As for me, I was born and raised in the Gebara hood in the same house that was handed down to us by our Grandparents, Lafi & Mjallia and it is still our family home.

I am a Gebara as much as I am a Hashem and I am very proud to be related to this great family that gave and is still giving to the world many fine and honourable people.

It would have been very difficult to start a project like this if it wasn't for the valuable book,

"The History & Family Tree of The Gebaras"
and the seven years of hard work that was put in it by our late cousin Raymond Fares Gebara.

A great historian once said, "If our present is not a continuation and a development of our glorious past, then we are not worthy of the great future." I wish and hope that, with your help, this site will be the continuation of this great man's work, dedication and legacy.

Finally , I acknowledge that the family name is spelled in few different ways, and I hope that the one we are using on this site is acceptable to everyone.

Hashem Yousef Hashem
Ottawa, Canada